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What is influencer marketing and why it makes a difference?

Influencer marketing is an effective branding strategy that creates engagement and high-impact conversations with consumers about your brand, products or services.

An influencer would give first hand user experience review about a product or service through their social media platforms creating a lasting impression. Allowing the followers to access exactly what they have witnessed.

This valuable and booming marketing strategy is the process of researching, identifying and engaging customers with your brand offerings.

Why it makes a difference?

It’s no revelation that an increasingly digital landscape is changing the way we do business, the way the customer access information, purchase products or how it effects the prospects of making decisions.

In recent studies, an astonishing 75% of B2B buyers are influenced by the information found on social media. Other mediums of marketing and traditional advertising methods have always carried influence but the vast majority of inbound marketing methods that influencers offer larger harvests and progressively relevant customer relationships.

Why Influencers are an essential part of your marketing agenda?

The value of the influencer marketing approach creates an evident recognition, cultivates an audience and boosts a personal media platform. Major points taken through influencer marketing are:

  • Effective word-of mouth advertising

  • Social proof

  • An increased number of expert opinions gained

These factors lead to customer trust and loyalty. By selecting the relevant influencer, portraying a clear message and utilizing social engagement practices, the marketing approach will produce huge rewards.

The dominating effect of an influencer over an audience

The social platforms hustles with information the recur day in and day out, influencers create that ripple effect. The influencer and customer relationships are built on reliability, trust and belief that this influencer is genuine. Influencers become advocates of brands that they believe in for their audience and customers.

The ROI are solid and yields huge returns

In an age where reviews are as important as the product itself. The ratings, reviews and word-of-mouth suggestions are key that influencers are using to unlock their trust and dollars.

An astonishing study on the influencers approach returns demonstrated 6-to-1 return on investment. Most of these campaigns are sponsored blog posts, influencer driven content and social interaction.

Businesses who have jumped on the band wagon are progressing in directions unimaginable. The most effective approach of all marketing strategy in this digital era has nominated influencer marketing as king.
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