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6 Mistakes to Avoid in Logo Design

Logo is the most significant and meaningful part of a company’s identity. The logo doesn’t just have to look good but it also has to reflect company’s vision, personality and message. You may provide great services or products but your logo would fail to grasp attention if it isn’t visually appealing enough.

Poorly designed logo could damage your brand’s reputation which is why ­companies now invest a lot of effort and money in hiring the best agencies and logo designers to design the finest possible logos. Designing a logo is not an easy task. Even the simplest looking logos take weeks and months to develop since it requires a lot of research, brainstorming and hard work.

To save you time and help you create the most appropriate and well-designed logos, we’ve listed below the most common mistakes to avoid during the process:

1) Relying only on trends

Keeping yourself up-to-date with current design trends and taking inspirations from them is a good thing, however designing logos based entirely on trends is not beneficial for the business. Trends keep changing all the time. Your logo should not only look good but also be well-researched. Therefore, designing something simple, classic and timeless is what an ideal logo design would look like.

2) Poor choice of typefaces

The right typeface makes your logo look memorable and professional. Incorporating fonts that are difficult to read and cliché are worst options for your design. Similarly, using a lot of space or no space can excessively affect readability. Use a maximum of two fonts in your design and nothing more. Make sure your fonts are balanced and legible and at the same time they convey the message of your brand and suit its personality.

3) Poor colour selection

Choosing colours arbitrarily is another mistake commonly made by designers while designing logos. A more impactful and well-researched logo is always designed after understanding the psychology of colours and incorporating it with the brand’s personality and message. Adding colours should be decided a lot later. First, you must always check how your logo looks in black and white. A good logo always looks great in black and white. You can always add colours to it later after carrying out proper research on psychology of colours.

4) Using raster images

Raster graphics rely on pixels which means they cannot be scaled to any size. Logos must always be designed in vector graphics such as Illustrator so that your logo is easily scalable. Vector graphics don’t lose their quality even if they are resized to a size as small as that of a stamp or a size as big as that of a banner. Scalability is a very important aspect that should be taken care of while designing a logo since logo has to be used in varying sizes on different mediums.

5) Crafting complex designs

The logo loses its purpose if its design is complex and difficult to understand. Using too many elements, icons and typefaces in your logo can make your logo look complicated and unprofessional. Logos of world’s most well-recognized brands are simple yet memorable. Make your logo design simple, effective and iconic.

6) Copying other works

Plagiarism is becoming too common but it is something that you need to take care of. Copying work of other people misrepresent the brand. A copied logo loses its originality and trust. It negatively affects the branding of a company. Avoid copying other logos even if they are from unknown brands. Originality stands out and makes your logo worth a lot more.

Design your next logo by avoiding these mistakes and make it a hit!

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Muhammad Asad
Muhammad Asad
26 de nov. de 2018

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