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5 Ways to Create SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

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Two things are necessary to be kept in mind before writing blog posts for your website. First, creating quality content and second, to gain something out of it. Since most of the web traffic is generated through search engines, it is highly important for your content to be optimized for search engine visibility in order for it to reach more people.

A blog post should always be readable and SEO-Friendly. Following are ways to optimize your content for search engine:

1) Keyword Research

Doing your research is the most essential part for on page optimization. You may be including a lot of keywords in your articles naturally but it is always more effective to do a research before writing your content. There are several tools to choose which keywords should be included in your blog post such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool ( that helps to identify keywords that would generate more traffic to your website.

2) Utilizing Keywords

Placement of these keywords is the next most important step after carrying out your research and gathering relevant keywords for your blog. These keywords should be placed where they have the most impact and effect. Following spots are ideal for keywords inclusion:

  • Title

  • Headings and subheadings

  • Introductory sentence

  • Concluding Paragraph

  • Hyperlinked text to other related pages on your site

  • Title tags and meta descriptions

However, you shouldn’t stuff your content with keywords as it makes your text highly unreadable and you could possibly be penalized by Google. Placing couple of keywords in the right places does the job!

Add at least one picture in your blog to make it more appealing. After uploading a photo to your blog, add keywords in file name. Also, add a description into the ‘’alternate text field’’ that includes your keyword as it helps to show your page in images search as well.

4) Give Reference

When you mention facts and figures from another blogger or article, don’t forget to include a link to the information you are providing. It shows competence and good conduct, and it might help you receive a link back. Having quality links increases the chances to rank higher in search engine result pages.

5) Use Social Media to Increase Reach

In order to increase your exposure and reach, share your blog posts on your social media channels. In addition to it, add social media buttons to your sites so that it’s easier for your readers to share content across various online channels.

By following these five simple steps and learning about the basics of search engine optimization, you don’t’ only make your blog posts SEO-friendly but also benefit from them by generating increased traffic, widening your reach and receiving higher customer conversion rates.

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